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Chris Dabin


All of the experience, without the franchise fees.

Meet the Brokers Chris Dabin & Angela Jett

both Realters since 1999

Angela Jett

With Realty Matter’s Broker Direct, we leverage experience, technology & automation providing unmatched outcomes!

With Realty Matter’s Broker Direct, we leverage experience, technology & automation providing unmatched outcomes! Simplifying home sales to equal savings, while providing beyond full service.


Two Real Estate Brokers and their teams supporting you, Chris Dabin and Angela Jett licensed Realtors since 1999, serving the local Saint Louis Metro and surrounding areas in the real estate and mortgage industry. We have worked for the big box franchises and bring the experience without the franchise fees. We provide a strong emphasis on marketing and negotiations and proven techniques to yield repeatable results.  call our office 314-481-7777

  • 3D photography available

  • Syndication of the listings to 500+ websites 

  • Showing Time automated showings and agent feedback

  • E docs allow for convenience with document signing

  • Extensive network and marketing

  • Full Service Broker representation start to finish

  • Expert negotiation of contract terms since 1999 


If it comes time to ramp up the marketing exposure and “List on the MLS” we would like to give you “More for less” If you were already willing to pay a buyers agent 2.5-3.0% to represent the buyers interests...Why wouldn’t you utilize the power and precision of our proven system to represent your interests.


Realty Matters is a full scale boutique Real Estate firm, not a flat fee out of town discount broker or a franchise member with frivolous costs and fees. You get the power and experience of two Brokers and their teams to insure a smooth transaction for fair compensation. That is Realty Matters Broker Direct.


Your Realty Matters Broker Direct team handles every detail of your transaction from start to finish... pricing, marketing, negotiation, paperwork, inspections and negotiations of, financing, title appraisal, closing coordination and everything in between. request 30 minute at home broker consultation


Buyers agency representation costs the buyer nothing, So when you’re looking to buy, have us by your side.

Review Buyer Assist.

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